We Gone!

A 2 day trip to Banff! A lot of snow. And curious ravens.

Oh yeah, I had to do a Halloween pumpkin.

Oh yeah, I had to do a Halloween pumpkin.

Christmas in Fernie! (A movie shoot)

The crazy autumn swimmer.

To and on the bear trip! (Pics of animals further down.)

Radical minigolf anyone?

A cannery close to Prince Rupert. I could live there, if it wasn’t for the swedish bride ghost that already does.

Camp-life! (in 10 degrees and rain.)

Turtle valley donkey refuge!  Two amazing people who look after all these rescued donkeys. You would be horrified if you knew how badly people treat donkeys! They also happen to have the cutest dog and craziest goat.

They are always looking for more funding so here is their website: http://www.turtlevalleydonkeyrefuge.com/ 

Hot springs! Complete with a ‘sweat tunnel’…